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Balance 600

Balance 600

Zipper position



The Balance sleeping bag is designed with a unique front baffle construction. The bag have vertical front chambers to ensure a quick and constant distribution of heat between upper body and foot area – balancing out the body’s different temperature zones. Balance contain water-repellent and quick drying Crystal Down®Dry filling to ensure moist is not absorbed by the down and keeps you comfortable while sleeping.

Ships with two packsacks; a tight compressible packsack and a larger more relaxed compressible packsack. A practical storage bag is included as well. In other words, this sleeping bag can be packed for almost any purpose.

  • FlowGate™ eliminates down movement
  • Quick and evenly heat distribution
  • Adjustable contoured hood
  • Adjustable neck baffle and draft collar
  • Hanging loops
  • Zipper baffle


Komfort: -2°C
Grænse: -8°C
Ekstrem: -26°C


100% Polyester mini Ripstop


100% Polyester mini Ripstop


Crystal Down™
90/10 European down
EU standard 700+ cuin
US standard 760 cuin
<p><em>Crystal Down™</em></p>

Længde: 205 cm
Bredde, skuldre: 75 cm
Bredde, fødder: 49 cm
Vægt: 930 g
Denne sovepose passer til personer med en højde på op til: 175 cm


Størrelse: 35 x 23 cm
Type: Compression bag
Kompakt størrelse: cm


Opbevaringsposens størrelse L inkluderet
Størrelse 74 x 140 cm
Vi anbefaler at du opbevarer din sovepose i en opbevaringspose, når den ikke er i brug.